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Furla Brands

Built up more than 80 years prior in 1927 by Furlanetto family, Furla is an Italian organization which is at present a risk organization, still possessed by the family. It basically highlights Italian-planned items that differ from totes and footwear to adornments. The base camp are situated in the intellectual and refined city of Bologna, in an outstanding eighteenth century manor. The extravagance mark has 5 auxiliaries in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, France and USA.

Right now the items are traded to 71 nations over the globe and have a strong engraving in more than 100 retail deals outlets and 320 single brand boutiques, 164 are diversified and 156 of which fall under the brand itself.

Today it has developed into an incredibly famous calfskin products mark.

Furla bags for women are known for their clean, linear designs that are equally desirable and stylish according to the targeted gender. A sober and essential collection where Furla charges blend: innovation, style, craftsmanship and an appeal that is always sensitive to the world of art. Italy’s Furlanetto family showcased their collection of branded bags in 1970’s and the establishment has since become recognized and valued for its sophisticated, minimalist style. Candy bag is delineated by an unconventional and extraordinary spirit that spins between exemplary customs and innovation, where the classic Boston shape is re-interpreted through the use of avant-garde components. This iconic fashion has the potential to withhold and reflect women desire for modern, cheerful designs with personality. An amalgamation of trend and opulence, wonder and function that escalates through the time, with bust of colors, fabrics, textures and unique details, collaborating transparent PVC with varied leathers, animalier prints and other natural elements. An imperative subject of desire and consistent source of creativity, Candy bag is also famous for inspiring au courant and vigorous co action with the world of art, making this ‘must own accessory’ a genuine lifestyle representation.

The most precious leather often mixed with other natural or synthetic materials are used. Each product is precisely and methodically crafted by hand and holds an unusual enticing sense of color. Shapes, with fraction, style and performance are taken care of. Every single bag, whether Candy or tote, explains a brief, enchanting story of Italian creativity.

Totes in particular, meet the passion of women throughout the world whose poise is an individual symbol of their own conduct. A well rounded and discerning consumer that eschews provocation and short-lived fashion finds in Furla necessary aesthetics that are steadily reformed.

Bags in feminine and abiding styles, yet highly contemporary, this is due to constant design and advanced technology affair.